Sunday, January 20, 2008

Potential Upcomming Freeze Conditions

This is an important message from Santa Cruz County Emergency Services.
All of Santa Cruz County is expected to be impacted by unusually cold
weather from now until Wednesday, with the coldest temperatures expected
late Monday and into Tuesday.

The greatest concern is for the elderly and people who cannot care for
themselves. Friends and neighbors are requested to check on those at

Property owners and managers should take precautions and preventive
measures to protect pets and property. Special attention should be
given to exposed water pipes, including fire sprinkler system piping.
Insulating pipes is recommended for protection from freezing.

Caution should be exercised when using space heaters and other heating
methods to prevent fires.

Watch news reports for more information.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Current road conditions as we know them.

Road Closures 1/5

Highland at Radonich Road (Open to Emergency Vehicles)
Deerfield at 23405 (Trees and lines down)
Skyview Terrace at 23613 (Trees and lines down)
Redwood Lodge at 16161 (Trees and lines down)
Morell Cut-off Closed (Trees and lines down)
Laurel Road closed at Redwood Lodge (mud slide 4x4 only)
San Jose - Soquel (Location unknown - Possibly near Olsen Road)
Old Santa Cruz Highway (near Call of the Wild)

Road conditions are dynamic and can change at any moment. Drive slowly and safely. Stay at home if you can.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Storm Conditions

We are currently experiencing a major storm and high winds.
-At this time Summit Road (East side of 17) is open to the Store.
-Highland way is closed between Radonich Road and Burrell Fire station.
-Summit Road (West side of 17) is closed near Upper Zayante.
-Old San Jose is closed south of Old Turnpike.
-17 is reportedly closed - we have no detailed information as to where.

Road closures are very dynamic. Information can become outdated rapidly without our knowledge.

Power outages abound. PG&E has reportedly removed their crews from the Hill due to dangerous conditions.