Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Road Closure List

To the best of our knowledge the following roads are closed. We don't always get immediate notification of when they re-open so this list may well be stale in part as you read it. Please check ahead of time before attempting to travel along these routes.

  • Miller Cut-off  JNO Miller Hill
  • Morrel Cut-off
  • Old Santa Cruz Highway JNO Schulties Road
  • Highland Way JWO Burrell Fire Station
  • Highland Way at Canyon Vista
  • Snyder Drive at the Top
  • West Summit Rd at Mtn Charlie
  • Highway 17 at Redwood Estates (may be clear at this time)
  • West Summit Rd at Bayview
  • Old San Jose between Miller Cut-off and Miller Hill
  • Glenwood between Highway 17 and Mtn. Charlie
Map of the closures

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