Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Castle Fire - Water Supply

First crack at a water supply solution. Using a 1000 gallon tank from Mid Pen Open Space we set up a small Honda port-a-pump to capture creek water for their 1800 gallon tender. It shuttled water to 3651 at the McDonald Gulch anchor point.

We later expanded the water supply to include our 2500 gallon port-a-tank and two additional pumps, a large trash pump to fill the tender and two small ones to fill the tank. A firefighter was stationed at this location to tend the equipment.

Ironically, although we were in the middle of nowhere we had to cut through a Buddhist Institute to get to the water supply.

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Cezary said...

Mr. Leman - Appreciate your postings. They keep some of us in the area up to date, and a bit less nervous. Is the fire spreading toward Skyline? I keep wondering if we should be packing up. We're on Skyline about 1/2 mile south of 9.